Easy Way to Fix Epson Printer Error 0x10 with ease

Epson is one of the leading manufacturers of computer hardware like printers. Due to its updated and high innovative printing quality it is so popular. 

But sometime many users are facing problem with Epson printer and getting an “error code: 0x10” while operating the Epson printer. The main cause of this error is if there is any kind of issue in printer scanner area or scan mechanism gets jammed. And if there is another kind of internal hardware problem exists.

Below we have mentioned the solutions for how to fix Epson Printer Error 0x10
Method 1: Physical Inspection
If there is any kind of obstruction occur on the scanner area is cause of this error.
To get rid of this kind of error you have to carefully lift the lid over the glass, and search any kind of other particle like dust particle, pieces of paper on it .If you find any kind of particle on the lid then carefully remove it without damaging any kind of hardware which is close to it.
Method 2: Reset the Printer
First you have to unplug the power from the printer and turn off the printer.
Wait for a sometime and tap or hold the Power button on the printer for 60 sec, and keep holding.
Hold power button for 60 seconds and plug your printer again and be sure that the error is resolved or still exists.

If you are using Epson Printer and facing such kind of Error 0x10 then follow the above listed solution carefully and fix this error. If still error is persist then call toll-free @1800-862-1908 Epson Printer Support Phone Number for instant help.

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