Common Norton antivirus errors and its solution

Norton antivirus is one of the best internet security software. It provides protection from harmful malware and viruses. It protects our laptops, Smartphones, tablets etc. from harmful phishing attacks and spywares. But sometime due to some technical issue antivirus also starts showing some kind of annoying errors.

Below we mention the some common errors of Norton Antivirus

Error Code 3048 3:

This type of error appears when windows system files have been infected due to some harmful malware or due to windows registry corruption. And other cause of this type of error is crashing issues of running program at the time of installation or maybe due to the uncompleted installation process.

Error Code 8504 104:

The main cause of this error is failed installation process when software is upgraded with the latest version. To get rid of this kind of error, you need to completely remove antivirus from hard disk and uninstall the other antivirus program.

Error Code 8505:

This kind of error is associated with computer network proxy settings. This error can be fixed by just reinstalling the Norton antivirus. After installation, you have to run advanced scan process to remove harmful malwares and unwanted settings to avoid this kind of error.

Error Code 3039:

Error Code 3039 generally appears during the use of Norton antivirus & installation of Norton Antivirus. This kind of error appears in different error codes like Norton Error “3039 65559” and
“3039 1”. By uninstalling and reinstalling the Norton antivirus product you can fix this kind of error.

Error Code 8506 421:

This kind of error is very common in Norton antivirus and it can be fixed by just restarting your System. But due to some reason if it arrives again then you have to reinstall Norton antivirus to get rid of this kind of error easily.

If you really want to fix Norton Antivirus common errors instantly then follow the above instruction given in blog. If still Error persists then you can contact any third party customer service or call @ 1-800-982-0436 toll-free NortonAntivirus Technical Support phone number for instant help to fix your antivirus issue.


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