General Error Codes of Panda Antivirus and its Solutions

General Error Codes of Panda Antivirus and its Solutions

Panda Antivirus is one of the best Solid security software. It uses updated technology to protect our system and devices from harmful phishing attacks and malware infection. But sometime user also encounter different error message or issue while using Panda Antivirus.

Below we mention the Common Panda Antivirus errors and its solution:

Error 2102:

Error Message- Missing system files

Cause of Error 2102

This kind of error occurs when system OS files is missing or faulty. File is faulty because it may be partial install or may be it is incomplete file.

Solution of Error 2102

This kind of error occurs in hexadecimal format.

Below we mention the Steps for how to fix Error 2102
a)    First you have to Download and install Panda repair application.
b)     To start the application Press on Scan button.
c)    Once the process is completed, then fix the errors using Fix button.
d)    Finally you have to restart the System.

Error 0001:0005

Error Message-Activation error

Cause of Error 0001:0005

This kind of error occurs during the activation process of Internet Security products and Panda Antivirus.

Solution of Error 0001:0005

To fix this kind of issue you have to disable the UAC Protection. But once the problem is solved you have quickly enable the UAC Protection. Because disabling the UAC for long time may harm your PC.

Follow the below steps properly to rectify the issue.

a)    Open the Control Panel
b)    Then you have to enter ‘User Account Control’ and press Enter.
c)     Choose link ‘Turn User Account Control (UAC) on or off’ from User Accounts.
d)    You have to unmark the same link option that appears next and tap on OK button.
e)    Follow the above steps carefully and always ensure that the problem is rectified.
f)     To secure System, Re-enable the same option and press OK.
g)     See the changes after restarting the system.

If you are facing such kind of error with Panda Antivirus and really want to fix then follow the above step carefully. If still you are unable to fix the issue then no need to worry call 24/7 Panda tech support phone number 1-800-982-0436 for instant help.

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