What is McAfee Error 31 & How To Fix It?

McAfee error 31 occurs when users trying to download McAfee Internet Security Suite Special Edition. If you want to resolve this error then you need to re-download Mcafee software.

Here in this blog, we will describe some easy steps for how to troubleshoot McAfee error 31 while downloading it.

Steps to fix McAfee Error 31

Step 1: Download part
•        Download the updated McAfee software
•        Go to the home section of McAfee Software and securely log in with your account.
•        Then Tap on “Log In” icon next.

Step 2: Device protection icon

•        Click on the “Download” link under the “Device Protection” section.
•        Then click on the “McAfee Consumer Products End User License Agreement”, after reading it.
•        Follow all the given instructions carefully after Click on “Download” link.
•        Then after follow the above steps carefully you need to tap on the option “Virtual cherry-on-top not included”.
•        Next, simply you get the “McAfee password”.

Step 3: Dealing with account section

•        First you have to click on the “Forgot Password” option.
•        Enter registered Email ID properly and then click on the “Send Email” option.
•        After above step you have to check your mail inbox and click on the link inside the email.
•        If user click on the link then it will redirect to page where user can easily reset their password.
•        Finally you have to type your new McAfee password.

If you are using McAfee Antivirus and facing such kind of error and you want to fix it then follow the above listed step carefully and fix McAfee Error 31.If Still error persist no need to panic call toll free 1-800-982-0436 McAfee antivirus technical Support phone number for instant help.

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